Sport & Relax

Nevia, Elena, Zoe and Elli villas share a fantastically equipped sports area with a multi-purpose handball, basketball and football court, a volleyball court, 2 tennis courts, 2 bocce courts, ping-pong table, open-air fitness and an enormous playground.



In short, if you practice one of these sports or want to try your hand at them with your family and friends, you will find professional equipment here of a quality rarely seen in holiday villas. You don't have to bring your own sports equipment, as you will find plenty of racquets, balls, bocce balls, and bicycles in the shed next the sports facilities, all free for you to use. The surroundings are full of trails perfect for hiking, mountaineering, running or cycling. Lovers of free climbing will find a climbing area near the beautiful ruins of Dvigrad castle.

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